From David Gandy to Victoria Beckham, everyone is embracing all that is chic about being a geek. The terms ‘geek’, ‘nerd’, ‘specky’ and ‘four eyes’ are no longer words used by school bullies to make fun of a child wearing glasses, they are words used to describe the latest geek chic craze. What craze could […]

Online spectacle retailers; Are we scared of change?

By Andre Senyk, Founder & CEO I thought you’d be interested to read this press article, recently written by SpeckyFourEyes. I would be most interested to hear your opinions on any of the matters mentioned. Kind regards, Andre. Like most online retailers, the product that is being sold by online spectacle retailers is one […]

SpeckyFourEyes on Radio 1

Did you hear us?  We were just featured on Greg James’s show talking about local legends.  The Shipley Dancer (Shipley Dancing Man) is now famous Nationally.  Help us find him…

Emma Watson Showing True Style

We couldn’t help noticing how good Emma Watson was looking in these Ray Ban sunglasses.  Hot in the media at the moment following the first screenings of the new Harry Potter film – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, Emma has recently announced she will be returning to her studies in Oxford.  We […]

Check Out Our New Ranges

The temperature outside may be increasing, but our new ranges are simply HOT! We have recently added ANIMAL, Ghost and Guess  frames to our already extensive collection. All our prescription glasses include single vision frames as standard, and can be made into prescription sunglasses by adding a tint. Why not have the best of both […]

Congratulations to Leon Doyle on The Apprentice

The team at SpeckyFourEyes would like to congratulate Leon on how far he progressed on BBC1’s The Apprentice. We are especially proud of his artistic talent and grasp of our nearest neighbour’s language! To find out more about Leon’s Master Menu, please visit his website.