Celebrity Sunglasses Style Sensations!

The word is that Summer is officially here! That means you need to be stepping out attired with the coolest fashions and accessories for the hottest days of the year. Summer, fashion gear and cool designer sunglasses all go hand in hand, and maybe it’s this year’s influence of Lady Gaga, but this summer it’s […]

Choosing Sunglasses Coloured Lenses

With so many fantastic colours to choose from, you might be forgiven for wanting to buy at least two or three pairs of designer sunglasses! And that’s just the amazing selection of frames ! To buy glasses from an online opticians is to enter an Aladdin’s cave of optical delights! But in fact the rich […]

Losing Your Sunglasses Means Image Makeover Time!

“Where did I put those sunglasses?” What do car keys, TV remotes and sunglasses all have in common? They always seem to disappear into that famous ‘black hole’ reserved for items we just put down for a moment but when we next look, they’re no longer there! We are forever trying to look for reading […]

Framing Desire! Playboy and Oscar & Fitch Designer Glasses.

A feast for the eyes in more ways than one, there doesn’t seem a day that passes when a new style frame is not spotted in a trendy bar, nightclub, shopping mall or place of work! Designer glasses have taken over the urban landscape! Catering to all tastes, they provide a dazzling parade of colour, […]

Try Before You Buy Designer Glasses!

The virtual world is made real! At an online opticians, you can obtain an identical experience without having to leave your house. Besides a great selection of cheap designer glasses, a complete range of top name designer glasses, including absolute killer cool shades from D&G, Diesel, Armani, Farhi, Gucci, Boss, Police, Prada and Ted Baker, […]

Buying Glasses Online Vs The High Street

Going online and buying! Whether on desktop, laptop, netbook or iPhone, we’re all becoming more used to virtual shopping anytime, anywhere. In today’s busy working lives, we can save time and money by no longer being tied to the high street! Online retailing has been changing all our lives. The number of online shoppers in […]