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Original prints and bold, bright colours are the main ingredients of the very first Joules eyewear collection. With careful attention to detail there is so much to discover; the Joules signature hare can be found hopping around on tips and inside nose pads and prints run through onto lens cloths.Petite sizing and joyful colouration are at the heart of the collection, offering sizes that fit perfectly, patterns, finishes, colours and details that delight. Featuring unique combinations of bright, vibrant colours and traditional shades, Joules eyewear really stands out from the crowd.

Following in his Father’s footsteps, Tom Joules began selling clobber at country equestrian and other outdoor events across Great Britain more than three decades ago. One typically rainy afternoon, Tom realized that the clothing on offer really didn’t reflect customer’s personalities, country folk are colourful people but their clothing used to be quite opposite.So Tom designed 100 bright pink wellies. They sold like hotcakes, Joules was born. Today we are still as crazy about colour, dotty about detail and as passionate about prints as we were 30 years ago. And because we keep looking to the countryside for all of its eccentricities to inspire us, we always will be.With Joules eyewear the countryside just got brighter.

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Showing 1 - 32 of 120 items