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Before contacting us please take a moment to read through our frequently asked questions as often your questions can be answered instantly without having to wait for a member of our customer services team to respond.

If you have a query regarding the status of an order, you can find this information within your account - you can also send a message regarding an existing order through your My Account orders area.

If you're unable to find an answer to your question below, please call us on 03448 20 20 20 or click here to contact us.

Ordering glasses from is simple and safe. All you need is your prescription which is no older than 2 years old. Your Optician has to provide you with a copy by law (UK Opticians Act 1989). Please note that just because you had your eyes tested at your regular Opticians it does not mean that you have to buy your glasses from them. There are no reasons whatsoever why you cannot just have your eyes tested and then save money by buying your glasses elsewhere. Just let us know your prescription and our easy to follow step by step ordering process will take care of the rest.
By law, your Optician must provide you with a clear, legible copy of your prescription after an eye test, and you should not be subjected to any pressure to buy glasses from them.
Simple, we do not have to finance expensive high street properties or pay for the upkeep of numerous expensive eye testing equipment or optometrists. We do not offer advice relating to optical issues, we simply make high quality glasses using your very own prescription. These are savings that we can pass onto our customers.
If you have a specific frame or frames in mind that you would like to try before purchase please contact us and we can help by phone: 03448 20 20 20 or by email:
We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards and PayPal. We also accept cheques and Postal Orders made payable to: Ltd sent to Order (your order number)
Crowgill Chambers
Crowgill Road
West Yorkshire, BD18 3SN

Please ensure to write your order number and address on the back of the cheque. charge £6.99 for postage and packaging anywhere in the UK using Royal Mail and £27.99 for worldwide shipping (non-UK orders may be subject to local custom charges and tax upon import). We also have Next Day shipping method with Royal Mail for £11.99.

Please see our Delivery page for detailed information.
Our terms state that delivery can take up to 38 days. However, orders are usually turned round in 10 working days, subject to the complexity of the prescription and additional coatings. We use Royal Mail for deliveries and your order will be posted through your letterbox along with your regular post.

Please see our Delivery page for detailed information.
We use CR-39 lenses that are lightweight and allow for very high quality optics. All our frames and lenses conform to CE standards - the standard used to produce and manufacture medical equipment.
We stock plastic lenses only, as they are lighter and more durable.
It's up to you. Why not buy a spare pair? We do however recommend that you change your glasses every time your prescription changes. It is important that you have your eyes checked by your optician at least every 2 years.
Yes. We have numerous colours and tints available. We also offer photosensitive ‘photochromic’ lenses. These lenses are clear in normal lighting conditions and acquire a tint under bright light. These options are available in the ordering process. We also offer anti reflection (AR) coatings, scratch resistant/hard coatings, UV coatings and sunglass-tints. These can be chosen via our ‘Specky’ packages which are part of the order process.
Yes we do. Indeed we pride ourselves on quality of our Varifocal lenses, as we only dispense personalised ‘free-form’ lenses that make for the most comfortable wearing. Simply select 'Varifocal Lenses' in the 'Lens Type' section in the order process. From here we arrange for the frames to be sent to you with instructions on how to mark up your glasses. Once returned to us, the preparation will begin in making your glasses up. Therefore choosing Varifocals may take slightly longer compared to a standard lens orders.
Yes. Your optician will let you know if you are suitable for bifocal (BF) lenses. recommends that you ask your optician to make out a prescription for your glasses assuming that they are worn 12-13mm from the eye (the BVD or Back Vertex Distance). This lens option can be chosen during the order process.
We use D28 bifocal lenses as standard. These are 28mm wide D-shaped segments that positioned 3mm below the centre of lens and horizontally centred on your PD (pupillary distance). If you would like them positioned differently or a different shape please state this order.
Most frames can easily be adjusted. If you want an optical store to do this for you, they will usually do for free or for a small fee. Alternatively, you can return them using our returns form stating where the adjustments need to be made and we will do it for you.
Yes you can. Just select 'frame only for fashion use' in the order process and they will be supplied as frame only with the manufacturer demo lenses in. If you would like clear lenses without prescription select "Plano" and these will be glazed in our lab.
Yes. As official stockists for many leading designer brands we only sell 100% authentic designer glasses supplied directly from the manufacturer.
All our glasses are assembled in our own lab in Yorkshire. Before your glasses are dispatched, they're subjected to a quality check to ensure they're completed to the best possible standard.
If you have any problems reading your prescription you can send a copy to us and we will try and help you.

By phone: 03448 20 20 20
By email:
Upload a copy using our prescription form

If we cannot read your prescription we will ask you to clarify the details with your Optician. By law Opticians should give you a clear, legible copy of your prescription.
No. Your contact lens prescription may look the same as your spectacle prescription but they may have small differences. You must have an eye test and a prescription, issued for use with glasses, which is less than 2 years old to be able to order from
Your PD (“pupillary distance’) is very easy to measure. It is simply the distance from the centre of one pupil to the centre the other (the pupil is the black spot in the middle of your eye). If this measurement is not on your prescription please call your opticians and they should give it to you. You can also easily do this for yourself, or even better, ask a friend! Most optical stores will measure it for you in under a minute at no cost. The default Distance PD is set to 63mm by our Dispensing Opticians. The default Near PD is set at 60mm and the default Intermediate PD is set at 61mm. Please see our guide on how to measure your PD for more information.
It is quite common for a prescription to contain the two values. The cyl and axis are used to correct astigmatism. If you do not have astigmatism, you will not have a cyl or axis included in your prescription.
A Prism is often prescribed to attempt to correct a’ lazy eye’, or to correct some special conditions or eye disorders (like squints) that require the focused image to move position.

If your prescription contains a prism, you can specify this when entering your prescription. There will be a small additional cost and this will be shown in the checkout when adding your prism. If you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange for one of our opticians to discuss the matter with you.
You can send a copy to us and we will try and help you.

By phone: 03448 20 20 20
By email:
or upload a copy using our prescription form
Please send us an email from the orders section of your My Account. If you need to send us a copy of your prescription this can be uploaded via our prescription form. Usually we can make amendments without additional cost and reorder lenses if your glasses have not yet been glazed and for this reason we ask that you double check your prescription information when submitting your order.
We can accommodate those with very high prescriptions, however, If your prescription is not available to order in the checkout options please contact us with the details of the frames and lenses you are interested in, we will be happy to advise on the availability of your prescription. There may be an additional fee required to complete your order for out of range prescriptions.
Before your order is sent out to you, one of our dispensing opticians inspects each pair of glasses to ensure the accuracy of the prescription details, as well as proper alignment of the frame. They are packaged in a hard case for protection. In the unlikely event that the glasses arrive defective, we will replace them. Notify us by email within 14 days of dispatch of your order and we will offer a refund or replacement.
Should an error have been made in glazing your glasses we offer a free returns service. Please complete our returns form here.
Please ensure you have completed our returns form so that we can expect your glasses. Your glasses can then be sent to Returns (your order number)
Crowgill Chambers
Crowgill Road
West Yorkshire
BD18 3SN
Yes - providing that your original prescription for those glasses is less than 2 years old. Just send your glasses, accompanied with your order number to: - (your order number)
Crowgill Chambers
Crowgill Road
West Yorkshire
BD18 3SN.

There is a £10 charge for this service. We will return your glasses to you as soon as we have examined your lenses.
Yes. Please see our reglazing service for details and add any tints, lens coatings required during checkout. Be aware that these will be re-glazed at your own risk as frames can become brittle with age and can break.
The best way to get the right frame size is to look at the dimensions from a pair of glasses you currently own. They do not need to be exact, but the closer they are the more likely your new glasses will be equally comfortable. On the frame itself you will usually find three measurements, the first two are separated by a square or rectangle. These correspond to the lens diameter, the bridge width and the arm length.
Frame measurements
By law we are unable to make prescription glasses for children but we offer a range of children frames and sunglasses with Plano (non prescription tinted) lenses.
All orders for prescription spectacles are checked by a qualified dispensing optician (the same as a High St optician) and we will ask to see a copy of your prescription if there are any obvious discrepancies. All prescription spectacles are also thoroughly checked by our quality control staff to ensure that they have been made to the required prescription before shipping.

Although our prices are low, we only use the highest quality material with all lenses coming with the internationally recognised CE mark of quality and all frames fitting is carried out by highly qualified staff with many years of experience.
Unfortunately, we do not accept NHS vouchers.