Buying Glasses Online - Four Easy Steps

1. Arrange to have your eyes tested at any opticians. They will provide you with a prescription at the end of the eye test. They have to give you this by law.
2. Browse through our extensive range of glasses and choose your frames and lenses.
3. Sit back and relax whilst our opticians check your order and our lab technicians make your glasses
4. Receive your glasses through the post – happy in the knowledge you have saved up to 80%

More Tips

In order to place an order for any of our prescription glasses, you must have a copy of your prescription. The prescription must be less than two years old.

If your prescription is any older than 2 years, or you are having your eyes tested for the first time, then we recommend you obtain a new prescription. You can arrange to have your eyes tested at any opticians. Once your eye test is complete, your optician will issue you with a copy of your prescription. This is a legal obligation. You are under no obligation to buy your glasses from where you get your eyes tested.

We also advise asking the optician to include your PD (pupillary distance) in your prescription. This will help us ensure we make your glasses to a perfect fit. If they refuse however, do not worry! We can help you – just give our team a call on 03448 202020.

If the optician refuses to provide you with your prescription then they are breaking the law. There are a few who do not like to provide this information, as they do not want you to 'shop around' for a good deal. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you know the guidelines!

Many opticians will try to sell you a pair of their glasses, or pass you over to one of their sales staff. Their choice is also limited by the size of their shop. At we are able to offer you an extensive range of high quality, designer glasses at discounted rates – up to 80% cheaper than the high street.

How do we do this? With much lower overheads we can operate much more efficiently. A BBC documentary, ‘Rip Off Britain’ recently uncovered the massive profits being made by high street opticians. By buying through us, you can ensure you never again have to pay more than necessary for your prescription glasses.

All our glasses are personailsed in our own labs to your exact prescription. All lens options are available (single vision, bifocal and varifocal) and we have a range of quality accessories to personalize your order.

A Few Key Facts

  • Up to 80% cheaper than the high street
  • Safe and secure ordering
  • Guarantee
  • Extensive choice (literally 000’s of frames to choose from)
  • Every order checked by one of our qualified opticians
  • All our glasses are made and assembled in our own UK lab
  • Our customer service team are on hand to any questions you may have
  • Full range of lens options and accessories available
  • Quick Delivery
  • Great after care service
  • Award Winning Company – giving you 100% confidence

We believe that your eyesight should not be an expensive luxury. With our great rates, you can personalize your look to the occasion. Perhaps a pair for the workplace, a pair for the weekend, and a pair for that special occasion - whatever your requirement, you will be sure to find a ‘Specky For All Occasions’.