Caring For Your Glasses

Caring for your glasses helps to ensure clear vision and comfortable wear. Follow this guide and there's no reason why your glasses can't look as good as new for years to come-but please remember that opticians recommend having your eyes tested every two years.

All of our glasses are provided with a lens cloth; make sure you use this to clean your lenses as other materials can cause scratches.

Where possible, use a lens spray to ensure lenses are clean. Household products such as washing up liquid or soap can damage the coatings on lenses, shortening their lifespan. You can buy specialist lens cleaner from our website or any good optician.

Glasses are delicate and can easily be twisted out of shape. Many people use one hand to remove their glasses, however, this puts undue stress on one side of your frame and can result in misalignment.

Try to avoid placing your glasses on the top of your head. This too, puts pressure on the hinges and can cause irreparable damage. Try a cord or chain around your neck to keep your glasses safe and break the habit of putting them on your head!

It is always wise to carry a case with you (and remember to use it!). The main causes of scratches on the lenses is placing the glasses on a hard surface, lens side down, or putting them in a bag or purse without protection from car keys, change, etc.

Finally, check your glasses for loose screws and misalignment periodically. It is a good idea to invest in an eyeglass toolkit so you tighten screws as and when you notice them begin to loosen.